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Aspen'd Publishing - Ashton, Idaho


Sing or Cry
My Life in Verse
Author: Nelda "Sunny" Bingo
Book Cover Design: Judith Atchley

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Rarely does one have the privilege of publishing something truly unique. We have been twice blessed. To get to know an individual who has, in the jargon of the West, “been up the river and over the mountain of life” is indeed a very rare event. Then, to get the opportunity to publish a collection of poems so compelling and different is one of those memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Another unique feature of this book of poems is the graphics that go with it. There are more than 100 original pen and ink illustrations drawn by the author as she wrote the poems. They are connected in some way to the verse and help convey the feelings she experienced as she wrote them.

In an effort to capture the emotion of the verse and tell a story, the verses are organized more or less in chronological order and structured very much like that of a novel. Thoughtfully looking into the meaning of each verse provides insight into the torment of a very courageous and creative person making her way through life.

The book contains five chapters and five parts. Each chapter and part has a title page with a verse that characterizes its contents. The first chapter contains poems written about the author’s challenged childhood. The second chapter is about an almost idyllic life in California and the trauma of losing her first love to World War II.

Chapter III is a collection of poems titled “Marriage” and loosely divided into five “Parts.” Poems found in each of the five parts are loosely arranged in chronological order, but with a difference. These poems deal more with subject matter than with time. This is particularly important to keep in mind as you read the first five parts that deal with the raw emotion and consequences of living life to its fullest.

On the lighter side, Chapter IV is dedicated to a few fun verses that provide meaning to the occasional mischievous glint in the author’s now healthy uncrossed eyes. Chapter V is about the trauma of dealing with life after the death of her husband.

We hope you enjoy reading this book of emotional poems as much as we did while getting them ready for publication.


Copyright© 2006 Aspen'd Publishing

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